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Webinar #12 – Spectral information as a source of innovation for the digital transition

Multi- or hyper-spectral imaging is a powerful tool for detecting or identifying objects thanks to their optical properties. By decomposing images into wavelengths, it is possible to measure the spectral signatures associated with the chemical nature of each object, in order to identify them.

This technology, widely used in satellite or aerial views to recognize the nature of crops, has many other potential uses in numerous application fields. To cite just a few examples, which will be illustrated during the webinar, it has been exploited in the agri-food sector to perform early sexing of duck eggs as early as the 3rd day of incubation, but also to detect unwanted inputs on an aspartame production line. In the field of recycling, multi-spectral imaging has been used to assess the composition of fabrics for selective sorting by fiber type.

The principle of multi-spectral imaging can be applied to a wide range of wavelengths. We will show how its use in thermal imaging has led to the development of a new concept in absolute thermography, enabling us to know the exact temperature of objects, whatever their nature.

This technology, which combines imaging and artificial intelligence, is a highly interesting source of innovation for non-destructive testing, quality control and productivity enhancement on production lines or in open environments.

CEA’s Plateforme d’Imagerie Multi Spectrale (PIMS) specializes in this field, bringing together expertise in scientific and optical instrumentation design, image analysis and predictive model development.

This webinar is hosted by :
– Olivier REDON – Head of the Multi Spectral Imaging Platform, CEA Tech en Région, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Department
– Maria EL JAOUDI – European Innovation Project Manager – ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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