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European initiatives for a thriving AI ecosystem in Europe

The European Commission is proposing a series of measures to help European start-ups and SMEs develop trustworthy artificial intelligence, in line with the values and rules of the European Union.

These measures, designed to encourage investment in European AI startups and give them easier access to key AI development resources (data, computation, algorithms, etc.), include the creation of :

  • of a new initiative, dubbed “GenAI4EU”, designed to encourage the adoption of generative AI in “14 strategic industrial sectors and the public sector”. These include robotics, healthcare, biotechnology, manufacturing, mobility, climate and virtual worlds. This initiative will be financed to the tune of €500 million between now and 2027 via the European funding programs Horizon Europe and Europe Numérique. The promotion of public and private investment in AI start-ups and expanding companies through venture capital and equity support (including new initiatives under the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program and InvestEU).
  • AI factories: these open factories will bring together AI-dedicated supercomputers, associated data centers and all the organizations working on this technology. These facilities will support the AI startup and research ecosystem in algorithmic development, testing and validation of large-scale AI models.
  • a European Artificial Intelligence Office within the European Commission, responsible for developing and coordinating AI policy at European level, and monitoring the implementation and enforcement of the future AI Regulation.

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