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Call for projects: Next generation AI and Human Behaviour: promoting an ethical approach

🗓️ Deadline : 12/03/2024

🎯 Target Audience : Manufacturing SMEs and small mid-sized companies

The aim of this Horizon Europe call for projects is to promote a new generation of responsible, reliable artificial intelligence, with human-centered design and development.

Expected results :

  • Operationalization of available general guidelines on AI ethics into specific practical guidelines on human cognition and behavior.
  • The guidelines should address the ethical dimension of the study of human behavior and cognition in the development and improvement of AI systems.
  • The guidelines should integrate ethics into research and development processes, and take into account strategies to ensure adequate participation of all those involved in the development, deployment and use of the applications concerned.
    Develop and validate education and training materials that reflect the guidelines produced. This material should be based on participatory processes involving all those concerned, including citizen groups and industry.


  • Examine the current ethical landscape to understand the ethical challenges (1) associated with the study of human behavior and cognition to support the development or improvement of AI systems and (2) related to the impact of AI on human cognition and behavior.
  • Develop operational guidelines for AI systems based on the study of human cognition and behavior, in collaboration with expert networks and based on results and case studies.
  • Develop a toolkit for international cooperation on AI research and development in relevant fields, taking into account the regulatory and ethical landscape of key strategic partners (e.g. China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Canada and the USA).
  • Integrate benefit-sharing principles into AI research and development, in line with the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Constrained Countries (TRUST Code).

Produce innovative training materials (reflecting the guidelines) for early-career and experienced researchers.

Critères :

  • All activities must be based on an inclusive, multidisciplinary network of expertise, including, among others, engineers, scientists, AI law experts, linguists and teachers, as well as representatives from the private sector.
  • Every effort should be made to achieve female participation of 45% or more, particularly among students, researchers and experts.
  • The project should also involve relevant ethics and integrity networks, such as ENERI (European Network of Research Ethics Committees and Research Integrity Offices) and ENRIO, or networks (or associations of networks) of researchers and young researchers and/or trainers in the fields of research ethics and integrity.
  • Cooperation with research management offices and ethics officers in research organizations is highly recommended, to enhance the impact of expected results.
  • Budgeted cooperation with the Embassy of Good Science must be included in the proposal, and the results of the action must be made available on this electronic platform.
  • Cooperation with at least two players from the following countries is mandatory: Japan, China, South Korea, African countries not associated with Horizon Europe.


Fundings:Assistance is provided in the form of a grant, with a maximum project budget of €3M (only 1 project selected).

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