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Artificial intelligence in the agri-food sector Applications, risks and impacts

The European Parliament Think Tank recently published a study on the applications, risks and impacts of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the agri-food sector.

The agri-food sector, in its quest to increase production volume and the nutritional quality of food, sees artificial intelligence as a real opportunity. Improving yields under sustainable production conditions involves many complex processes with many variables. Variables that can sometimes escape the control of producers or other players in the production chain.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Whether for field crops, livestock or automated greenhouse production, these methods can be enhanced with artificial intelligence-based detection and data collection technology. Farmers will thus be able to continuously analyze the growth of their plants or the behavior of their animals, and adapt their actions to optimize their yields. However, these new practices raise many questions, not least ethical ones. A farm equipped with sensing AI will collect thousands of pieces of data every day. How is this data managed, and what exactly is it used for?

The answers can be found in this study by the Think Tank of the European Parliament, available here. The study describes how data detection and collection is carried out in different agri-food sectors, and how data can be organized to improve management and decision-making in plant and animal production.

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