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1st Dihnamic Advisory Board – 22 representatives gathered

The Dihnamic project is carried by a consortium of 13 partners. During the next three years of the project, the advisory board will act as an advisor to the different Dihnamic partners. This governance body is composed of about twenty structures that meet twice a year to exchange on the objectives and to propose ways to improve the different Dihnamic services.

dihnamic first advisory board

The 22 representatives of the advisory board gathered for this first Dihnamic advisory committee

For this first Dihnamic Advisory Board, they were 22 representatives gathered in the CEA premises, in Pessac. To introduce this morning, the committee reviewed the Dihnamic project. This was an opportunity to review the structure of this European project, which is part of the Digital Europe initiative. Dihnamic is part of the European Union’s strategy to promote the appropriation of digital technologies by SMEs. To achieve this goal, the EU deploys a network of EDIH (European Digital Innovation HUB) throughout Europe. Dihnamic is therefore the EDIH of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This Nouvelle-Aquitaine HUB proposes a technological focus on artificial intelligence and associated digital technologies.

The committee unanimously validated the objective for the next 3 years: To promote access for regional companies (and public authorities) to a set of digital technologies, in order to accelerate and guide their digital transitions in compliance with the ethical principles related to trusted AI.

The targets are the manufacturing industries of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, especially SMEs. More than a hundred industries will be supported over these first 3 years.

An important topic for the committee: trusted artificial intelligence, an essential cross-functional area

During the presentation of the services, a key notion emerged in the committee’s discussions: the AI of trust. In the eyes of the advisory board, it is essential to consider the impact of digital technologies on people, resources and the environment. This approach will be confirmed by the consortium’s drafting of an ethical charter for digital technology and by concrete actions that will confirm Dihnamic’s ambitions. Several issues have been identified: raising awareness among companies in New France about the challenges of trusted and responsible AI, and familiarizing them with these principles and the debates underway in Europe, France and the region.

A participatory workshop to position Dihnamic in the territorial ecosystem

In order to enrich the collaborative strategy with the regional ecosystem, a co-construction workshop was organized. The objective was simple: to collect ideas to evolve the strategy. Each representative had to answer the following question: “Which organizations in the regional ecosystem should Dihnamic work with as a priority in each of the pre-identified categories? One name per post-it and one post-it per category. At the end of the allotted time, a map of the territory was drawn and the exchanges could begin. Following this first step, a reflection by group was initiated on the following subject: “What axis of cooperation can we identify for each of these categories? Numerous ideas came out of it, such as participation in common events, exchanges of best practices, access to regional networks as a relay for Dihnamic and vice versa.

The co-construction workshop on the collaboration strategy with the regional ecosystem

A first advisory committee rich in ideas that promises a beautiful development for EDIH Dihnamic

This first advisory board ended at noon with a synthesis of all the points discussed during the morning. A lot of ideas were brought up during the workshops. The different feedbacks will guide the Dihnamic regional collaboration strategy. A big thank you to all the committee representatives. A report will be sent to everyone with the different supports and the synthesis of the co-creation workshop. The next committee will be held in early September. You will be able to follow the evolution of Dihnamic, contact us and take advantage of the services on our website Dihnamic



In case you are interested in Dihnamic, you want to join it or you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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